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Swansea Communities First – West Cluster

A nostalgic look people’s diverse experiences of life and growing up, and how they shape who we become.

Swansea – I Love this City

A cinematic interpretation of verse by local Poet & Artist Gemma Collins, who tells us all the things she personally loves about living in Swansea

Zombie Sharks  

Swansea Communities First – East Cluster

It’s midnight at the museum as Man versus Zombie-Shark battle it out in the this delightfully funny B-movie horror romp

Women of the 21st Century

Swansea Communities First – South Cluster

Women of all ages and backgrounds explore their freedoms, hurdles, and hopes for life in the 21st Centuary

The Killing Scene

East Cluster

There’s something strange happening in the east of Swansea. People at a party are dropping like nine-pins, but there’s more twists than a curly-fry in this tongue-in-cheek whodunnit

Legend of the Morriston Mummy

East Cluster

A long, long time ago in Morriston a wedding turned to tragedy, inspiring the the myth of the Morriston Mummy….or is it?

The Frog, the Witch, the Princess and the Legend of the Red Dragon

Blaen y Maes Primary School

This silent movies sees a princess enlist the help of the red dragon who saved Wales, to help her defeat the Afanc and save her husband from a terrible witches curse

Tales of a City

Communities First All Clusters – Level 2

 This documentary explores Swansea through the opinions of residents and outsiders, discussing the new regeneration plan, the meaning of community, and the elations and tribulations of being a Jack.

Swansea Life


EYST brings and insightful documentary about life, identity, and acceptance as an ethnic youth in Swansea, who’s population has increased rapidly in diversity over the past few years.

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