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Thank you if you joined us at SWANCOMM FILM FESTIVAL 2018 on Saturday, May 26th at the National Waterfront Museum! If you were unable to join us, here is your chance to watch the films..

SNAP Cymru

There is never a dull moment in these wonder-fuelled, imaginative, and dreamlike scenes. Take a peek into the SNAP-capped, hero-bounding, cafe-dwelling, dancing minds of these young performers. Be sure to keep your eyes fixed to the screen in this energetic and heartwarming, dreamscape vision.


EYST Wales

A film colourfully slamming diversity issues, proudly created by an inspiring young team. Welcoming aspirations and expectations within our multicultural population. Leading the way to believing more in harmonious and peace-filled ideals. These young voices inspire positivity for the future and our hopes and dreams, helping us all feel more welcome. Peace out.


Can we afford to live anymore? In crisis, asking questions about the good and the bad, finding out about government benefits, substance addictions and recovery. Talking to some of the people about how they came to be where they are, and how you can help to support them. Putting the unity back into community.

Gorseinon Social Centre

Keep your seats and hold on tight to someone close! Who is that sitting next to you on the Ghost Train.. is it a spook?! An animated testimonial, that will test your scream-o-meter and make your boots shake. The Ghost Train takes us and shakes us all along on a ride to see what makes us scream, colourful and fun..throughout the ride.

Toronto Place Community Centre

It’s all hands on deck with the gang. A fun extravaganza, filmed with an abundance of music, dance, and drama amongst other delights…keeping us enthralled. Watch these fabulous friends make their days entertaining at the utmost. You’ll feel bedazzled, and you’ll know how to have a good time. Come one, come all.


Bloom Swansea

Lets stop behind the scenes, and see what’s really going on in the jaunty works of Bloom TV! A chance to meet the stars and watch them at work, to wonder at what will and can be, a talented arrangement of mirth and camaraderie. A joy for all to make and see.

Communities For Work

This film juxtaposes ideas of home, working and living, in connection with places and spaces. In the ‘2nd City’, we find out about a rich source of culture, be it quite tucked away. Creating positive thoughts, through art and community projects, and talking about taking our buildings and spaces out of a black hole.


The Wallich

A piece certainly ‘not to be’ viewed by those, ‘to be’ wearing rose tinted spectacles.  It is animated, poetic, agonised, and heart wrenching. Homelessness is a non-generic label made for normal people alike. Words about life spoken through a ruff-edged, harshly gripping reality. Expressed and felt, for those with less shades of subtext or naivety. ’Sans filter’, honest, people will care.

Here are links to all the films made during 2017:


Swansea Communities First – West Cluster

A nostalgic look people’s diverse experiences of life and growing up, and how they shape who we become.

Swansea – I Love this City

A cinematic interpretation of verse by local Poet & Artist Gemma Collins, who tells us all the things she personally loves about living in Swansea

Zombie Sharks  

Swansea Communities First – East Cluster

It’s midnight at the museum as Man versus Zombie-Shark battle it out in the this delightfully funny B-movie horror romp

Women of the 21st Century

Swansea Communities First – South Cluster

Women of all ages and backgrounds explore their freedoms, hurdles, and hopes for life in the 21st Centuary

The Killing Scene

East Cluster

There’s something strange happening in the east of Swansea. People at a party are dropping like nine-pins, but there’s more twists than a curly-fry in this tongue-in-cheek whodunnit

Legend of the Morriston Mummy

East Cluster

A long, long time ago in Morriston a wedding turned to tragedy, inspiring the the myth of the Morriston Mummy….or is it?

The Frog, the Witch, the Princess and the Legend of the Red Dragon

Blaen y Maes Primary School

This silent movies sees a princess enlist the help of the red dragon who saved Wales, to help her defeat the Afanc and save her husband from a terrible witches curse

Tales of a City

Communities First All Clusters – Level 2

 This documentary explores Swansea through the opinions of residents and outsiders, discussing the new regeneration plan, the meaning of community, and the elations and tribulations of being a Jack.

Swansea Life


EYST brings and insightful documentary about life, identity, and acceptance as an ethnic youth in Swansea, who’s population has increased rapidly in diversity over the past few years.

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