SwanComm Film Festival 2018


“Over 100 members of the community have been involved in making 8 amazing new films for SwanComm 2018!”

The 2018 Swancomm Film Festival returned for its’ 3rd annual event in Swansea. The festival marked a celebration featuring screenings of community-made shorts films on a variety of themes including people’s views on Swansea, the city’s culture and diversity, homelessness, austerity as well as other fictional films.

We were extremely lucky to be hosted again at the wonderful National Waterfront Museum, the majestic Warehouse Gallery was transformed into a pop-up cinema with room for friends and family to sit and enjoy an afternoon of short films. There were opportunities to meet the film-makers and hear about their experiences of making the films.


The festival is an annual celebration that culminates a partnership project between LOCWS International and Adult Learning Wales. SwanComm Film Festival features films made by a wide range of participants across Swansea during film-making courses. Community groups take part in accredited and non-accredited film and media courses lead by professional film-makers Dave Marchant and Jamie Panton. The groups who took part for 2018 came from Toronto Place; Gorseinon Social Centre; EYST; The Red Café’s Bloom Project; Communities for Work; Crisis Skylight South Wales, SNAP Cymru and The Wallich.

Groups learned skills in using still cameras, video cameras, green screening, animation and editing, directing, interviewing and the theory of filmmaking.  For many taking part this was the first time they had ever held a camera, and participants have left with transferable skills and enthusiasm to learn more. A full list of filmmakers and participants will be available in the credits of each individual film and and in a tab at the top of the page.

The classes have brought together groups with a variety of backgrounds, abilities and ages, forging deeply needed connections, within Swansea’s increasingly diverse community.  SwanComm aims to bring the City together to hear the voices of the community as they talk about their experiences of living here and make people laugh.

We want SwanComm to continue to grow and our objective is that this event inspires more people to get involved with their local community and get creative.

All this is made possible thanks to the support from our funders; Our 2018 funders included Arts Council of Wales, National Lottery, Millenium Stadium Charitable Trust, The David and Christopher Lewis Foundation, Persimmon Homes, City and County of Swansea’s Fusion Project, Welsh Government, and with help in kind from organisations; Adult Learning Wales and National Waterfront Museum. We sincerely thank all of our contributors for their support for the work we do.

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We LOVE Filmmaking, and we want others to enjoy it too, to be given a voice and have the opportunity to explore their world through the medium of film with your help.  All support is gratefully received. You can donate via our Local Giving page.

Photograph featuring people in the Volcano Theatre's space.                           Photo featuring a close up image of the camera's screen showing people playing with party poppers and holding a balloon.                      Photo featuring people from Communities for Work filming musicians playing guitars in a group